What works on web no longer works in a mobile app & thats where you as a marketer loose control. Growth of your mobile app is very crucial and organic acqusition channels have proved to bring loyal, high quality & low cost users.

Using Viraltrics you can control your apps viral loops & sustain it from a dashboard:

  • Reduce your dependency on engineering team to build organic growth channels

  • Build offers, referrals and rewards from dashboard that works across platforms

  • Eliminate need to maintain & distribute coupon codes

  • Understand & use analytics data on the drivers & influencers of your app growth to meet your business goals

Everything you need at your finger tip

  1. Create referral or offer content on the dashboard

  2. Tie different referral content to different app triggers

  3. Set rewards and goals to unlock them

  4. Turn on, edit or pause anytime you like

  5. Measure the entire loop, channels & influencers

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