Make your organic acquisition channel frictionless & engaging

No referral codes, redeems or data loss for users to worry about, even if app is not installed

Custom referral

Ann is shown a referral which she shares with her friend Joan

Share anywhere

A customk link with message is shared with Joan

Track installs

On click Joan is redirected to play or app store based on her phone os

Reward user

Joan & Ann get rewards auto credited into the app on install or goals!

Integrate in minutes

Create referrals/offers

Build your referral content on our dashboard. set rewards, goals & conditions.

Add into app

Drop in our sdk and add few lines of code

Thats it!

Leave the rest to us!

Click on your role to know more

create➜monitor➜tweak without code and app update!

You might want to change your rewards, offers or edit the referral. We have made it very easy for you to do so without any code or app udpate.

Just make the changes on our dashboard & see changes happen in real time!

Measure your "viral metrics"

Know if your app is spreading, who is driving it, the content thats leading to maximum conversions.


Find out how many new users where reached & their actions


Find out your conversions channels and source

Top influencers

Find out users and content thats creating viral growth for your app

Viral coffecient

Measure your viral coffecient for overall app, content or trigger

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