We believe that developers like focusing their time & efforts in making their app awesome on these lines: building what people need, clean UI, awesome user experience, bug free & highly optimized code. While you do that we build the part which helps your app spread from one happy user to many others, friction-less across platforms!

  • Save yourself hours away from your app in building & maintaining an end to end friction-less system

  • Get your apps growth analytics across platforms & channels

  • Eliminate pain of an app update to tweek your growth strategy

  • Leave the worry of scale to us

How do we do it?

  1. Create unique URL for each user and tie referral or share data to it

  2. When receiver clicks on URL we detect if app is installed using deeplinking and pass the data* to it

  3. If app is not installed then we detect the OS and redirect to the right store page for your app

  4. After install we detect if the user came via referral or share and pass the right data to your app accordingly

  5. Measure the entire loop at every step

*Data passed can be credits, offers, URI data, user name ,user message, personalized content etc.

All you have to do is call 3 lines of code!

  1. Initialize

    ViraltricsObj.initialize(Context CONTEXT,String APPLICATION-ID,String CLIENT-ID);
  2. Set Custom Data

  3. Show referral activity, String trigger);

Your end to end referral system is on!

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Our mission is to build tools that help apps reach its true potential.

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